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Flexible Course Delivery
CIS Open Entry\Defined Exit (OE\DE) courses
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Your instructor will contact you via email (using the email in your college profile) no later than 12 am (midnight) of the second day the semester begins (e.g. if classes begin January 12 you will receive an email from your instructor no later than 12 am January 13).

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 CIS 100 students:
The access code that came with some textbook may not work. If your access code works ignore this message.
Be sure that you've accurately entered the access code.
Try it twice and if it does not work this message applies:
The CIS 100 codes sold with some textbooks is defective. 
If you have purchased your books already, your instructor will provide you with a replacement code (as of 1:20 pm 1/14 we do not have the codes but expect to get them soon).
If you have not purchased your books, the bookstore will provide you with a paper code at the registers.  Do not lose this code, as you will need it to register your book.

LMC will continue to use Microsoft Office 2010 for the 2013-14 academic year. It will take the bookstore approximately two weeks to get the new Office 2010 books in stock. This affects all the courses listed below (and a couple of other courses too) except CIS 121 which is an operating system course.


If you have not forwarded your email, you must use WaveLink to access your LMC email. You may change your College profile to forward your LMC email to your personal email account. Once logged into WaveLink, search for email forwarding.

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