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The Classroom Experience

ControlsCoursework for the Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Energy Production and Distribution Management program was designed in close partnership with power industry leaders. Graduates are prepared with real-world skills that get the job done, and employers are confident in the specialized knowledge that comes along with each LMC graduate.    

The program begins with an associate’s degree program, providing a technical foundation that is uniquely combined with two years of management education at the junior and senior level, resulting in well-rounded and well-prepared graduates.

Students begin training in electronics, math, thermo-fluid sciences, physics, maintenance, and power industry-specific skills. Junior and senior-level coursework includes principles of general management, manufacturing and production systems, plant management, equipment maintenance management, production control, industrial labor relations and skilled trades supervision, strategic manufacturing policy, systems analysis, productivity analysis and cost control, and materials planning.

Students may attend part-time or full-time. Instruction is delivered both in the classroom and online. Students may have opportunities to earn credit for applicable skills learned on-the-job or through military experience.

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