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Sabbatical Leave - Administrators & Professional/Technical Staff

Office of Origin: Human Resources
Date Adopted: 02-28-90
Date Last Reviewed:
Last Date Modified & Approved: 11-22-08

Policy Statement:

Administrators and Professional/Technical staff shall be eligible for Sabbatical Leave at the completion of seven or more continuous years of service at the College. The purpose of Sabbatical Leave shall be for professional study, work on publications, educational travel, travel combined with study, research, or other purposes which in the opinion of the Board of Trustees will improve the quality of Lake Michigan College. If granted leave, the administrator or professional/technical staff shall receive one-half salary for one year's leave, or full salary for six months or less.

1. An application for sabbatical leave must be submitted to the President by February 1 of the calendar year of the requested leave. Full-year sabbatical leaves will normally start July 1; less than full-year sabbatical leaves may start at any time after July 1, but must be completed by June 30.

2. The President shall review each application for sabbatical leave. The President's recommendation, including funding, will be presented to the Board of Trustees at the May meeting.

3. The number of administrators or professional/technical staff on sabbatical leave at any one time shall be limited to one. The total leave in any one year will be twelve months. No administrator or professional/technical staff will be entitled to more sabbatical leave than one year (annual salary) in any seven-year period.

4. An administrator granted sabbatical leave shall not engage in remunerative work while on leave without the approval of the President. Scholarships and fellowships in approved colleges and universities or grants which do not interfere with the program of professional improvement are exempt.

5. Upon accepting a sabbatical leave, an administrator or professional/technical staff shall certify to the College his/her intention to return to his/her position with the College for a period double in length of the leave granted.

6. Should the administrator or professional/technical staff not remain with the College the required period, he/she shall agree to repay the College the full amount that he/she received in sabbatical leave compensation.

7. All fringe benefits shall be continued during the sabbatical leave as though the administrator or professional/technical staff were on his/her regular assignment, except sick days do not accrue.

8. An administrator or professional/technical staff on sabbatical leave shall be entitled to and receive equivalent improvements to compensation and/or other benefits for the subsequent year granted other Administrator or Professional/Technical members of the College.

9. In the event twelve months of leave have not been approved by May, additional candidates may apply by September 1, for funding by the Board of Trustees.

Responsibility: Vice President, Administrative Services & Special Assistant to the President