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Conflict of Interest - Employee

Office of Origin: Human Resources
Date Adopted: 04-27-99
Last Date Modified & Approved:

Policy Statement:

The intent of this policy is to avoid conflicts of interest.

A conflict of interest exists when personal interests of a College employee conflict with job duties and College services.

In addition, a conflict of interest can exist when an employee or his or her immediate family (spouse, son, daughter, parent) possesses an ownership interest of more than one (1%) percent in any corporation, partnership, or unincorporated entity doing business with the College, except for businesses whose ownership interests are traded on a national securities exchange.

The College’s service district is defined as Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties in Michigan, and the Indiana Counties of Elkhart, St. Joseph, and LaPorte.

1. Compliance with State and Federal Laws Lake Michigan College employees shall comply with all state and federal laws with respect to conflicts of interest.

2. Ethical Standards Good judgment and high ethical standards are constantly to be applied. Practices resulting in a conflict of interest are prohibited. Proprietary interests will be observed.

3. Disclosure All Officers and employees of the College are expected to disclose to the President through their immediate supervisors any personal interests or involvement which may be the subject matter of a potential conflict of interest under the terms of this policy.

4. Policy Compliance The terms and conditions outlined in this conflict policy and procedure supersede any previous College policy and procedures.

5. Exceptions Exceptions may be authorized by the President or his/her designee. Lake Michigan College Policy

Violations of this policy will be addressed through due process as outlined in the College’s policies and procedures for each College employee classification.

Employees are required to familiarize themselves with and to abide by the contents of this Conflict of Interest policy. The policy requires that employees in a position to authorize, execute or substantially influence purchases made on behalf of the College or engage in other business transactions on behalf of the College file a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form with Human Resources at the time of hire. Employees will update the completed form and forward to Human Resources as changes warrant. Any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest will be immediately reported to the appropriate administrator.

Responsibility: Vice President, Administrative Services & Special Assistant to the President