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Safety & Emergency Information
Safety & Emergency Information
Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan

Lake Michigan College is committed to providing a safe environment that is conducive to the pursuit of academic excellence. Pursuant to its obligations under federal, state and local laws/regulations, the college has established an Emergency Preparedness and response plan that provides protective measures for the health and safety of our students and staff during an emergency situation. The college, through its partnerships with Emergency Management Professionals, continues to upgrade the plan. Emergency Teams made up of individual members of the college community have been designated as team members to assist in helping others to evacuate. They also relay information concerning injured or special-needs people who require immediate attention. Emergency information is located in all classrooms along with a detailed map which highlights fire exits, emergency shelter areas, fire extinguisher locations, defibrillators, etc. Evacuation notification would be by use of the fire alarm system in some cases, but not all. The emergency system plan effectiveness is measured through testing of practice drills.

Distribution of Campus Safety Alerts
As circumstances warrant it, special safety alerts are prepared and distributed through the RaveAlert reporting service. These alerts advise the college community of the situation, steps to take, and the number to call for more information.

Lake Michigan College works closely with local law enforcement agencies to inform the College about crimes that may warrant the College issuing a timely warning.

Emergency Notification
Emergency notification will be issued when it is determined that there is a significant emergency or dangerous situation involving an immediate threat to the health or safety of students, employees or visitors occurring on campus.

Emergency notifications will be activated without delay upon verification of an incident that meets the above criteria so long as issuance does not compromise efforts to respond to, contain, or otherwise mitigate the emergency.

RaveAlert is an automated system that LMC uses to inform employees and students of College emergencies. RaveAlert utilizes cell phone text messaging, email and voicemail notifications.

In addition to the information above, area coordinators and alternates have been designated per assigned area to assist with emergency situations in helping to clear spaces of people and directing people to move to a safe location.

Emergency Procedures

The State Fire Safety Board requires that the College conduct fire drills throughout the school year. General procedures when the fire alarm sounds: 

  1. All staff and students will leave the building immediately and proceed to the nearest main parking lot. 
  2. If there is a handicapped person in your class or office, it may be necessary to make arrangements with others to help carry the person to safety. 
  3. In the event that the nearest exit is the source of fire and/or is filled with smoke, use the next nearest exit. 
  4. Do not use elevators.
  5. Do not open a door until you touch it to determine that it is warm or hot.
  6. Remain in the parking lot until an all clear has been announced by the Executive Director of Facilities, or after 5 p.m., the Student Services staff. 

Do not move the injured or ill person unless threatened by fire or other imminent danger. Call the 911 dispatcher. From a college phone, dial 9. Wait for tone – then dial 911. From a pay phone, no coin is needed. Dial 911. From a direct line phone dial 9-911. Say, “There’s an emergency at Lake Michigan College.” Followed by the building and address. 

  • Answer the questions you are asked. 
  • Be specific about your location. 
  • Do not hang up until told to do so.
  • Call 6911. If no answer, dial 8135 or 8137.
  • Evenings and Saturdays: dial 6911. If no answer, dial 8128.

For life threatening emergencies, dial 9-911. For all other emergencies dial 6911.

In the event of a tornado watch or warning, all employees, students, and visitors in any College facility will be instructed to go to the designated safe shelter area.

  2. Do not use telephones.
  3. Do not stand near westerly locations of the building or near glass-enclosed spaces.
  4. Proceed to the designated safe shelter area for your facility. This information is found on the emergency flip chart located in every College classroom.
  5. Do not use open flame (candles, lighters, etc.).
  6. Remain calm and wait for an “all-clear” announcement.
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