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The Classroom Experience

"We want students to leave this program with a realistic sense of what to expect in the working world," says program coordinator Erick Pifer.

Lake Michigan College's Accounting program prepares you for a challenging career in the business world. In your classes, you'll work on individual projects, small presentations and analyze major reports. Be prepared to do work outside of the classroom. This is an intensive program that requires a lot of time and academic effort.

Expectations and Skills Taught
The classroom activities will help shape your analytical, problem solving mind. This program is built for students who enjoy a challenge and find satisfaction in a routine work schedule.

Class work will have you compute, classify, record and verify financial data and develop and maintain financial records.

Courses in your major will give you background in economics, communication, math, and English. These courses are designed to make you a well-rounded student and future employee.

Technology in the Classroom
A variety of technologies are used in conjunction with traditional lecture and hands-on activities. PowerPoint presentations, the Internet and materials available on Canvas - the College's learning management system - play an important role in class.

Many courses required for the Accounting degree require computer skills. Because students have a wide range of abilities and access to computer, many classes have a flexible learning environment where the class time is open for you to work on the computer at your own pace and ask questions of the instructor as you work.

Getting the Most from the Program
LMC program coordinator Erick Pifer suggests, "If you are still enrolled in high school, continue taking as much math as possible. If you are not in high school, try to shadow someone on the job. Experience is the most helpful tool upon entering this program." He also suggests regularly meeting with an advisor to make sure your educational objectives are being met.

You should also take the time to become involved in the full college experience. Meeting other students and taking advantage of campus clubs such as Students in Free Enterprise will make your class work more meaningful and help you build a network of peers with whom to share ideas.

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