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Purchasing and Support
Supplier Diversity Information

Lake Michigan College believes in contributing to the economic well-being of the community and state in which we conduct business by encouraging the use of local suppliers offering competitive quality, service and prices.

We further believe these local suppliers should include businesses that are minority-owned; woman-owned; or socially and economically disadvantaged businesses such as those employing primarily minority and handicapped persons. Doing business with these suppliers strengthens the community and expands the opportunities for Lake Michigan College to purchase quality goods and services at competitive prices.

It is our intent to give minority, woman-owned, and disadvantaged businesses an opportunity to earn business with Lake Michigan College. We do not have a set-aside program. We expect these businesses to be fully competitive in quality, service and price.

It is our goal to identify and include qualified diversity suppliers when we purchase the products and services required by Lake Michigan College faculty and staff. To reach this goal, we:

  • Maintain a database of businesses meeting the College’s criteria
  • Encourage the various departments to purchase from small minority and woman-owned businesses
  • Provide potential vendor sources to campus departments
  • Circulate suppliers’ brochures to various campus departments
  • Encourage vendors to become certified through the Michigan Minority Business Development Council, Michigan Women’s Business Council, or other regional or government certification programs
  • Contact suppliers with potential opportunities at Lake Michigan College

Suppliers interested in developing a business relationship with the College are encouraged to browse the following supplier related topics in the Purchasing web page:

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