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Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts
Career Opportunities and Work Life

A two-year degree focused on Liberal Arts will not lead you directly into a professional career. Instead, Liberal Arts will allow you "to explore different educational possibilities," says Lake Michigan College program coordinator and instructor Dr. K. Sundaram. "We want to help students become well-rounded citizens who have a better awareness of other cultures."

"It is important for students to remember that a two-year Liberal Arts degree is designed to be a supplement to further education, not the main focus."

Once you have made the transition to a four-year school, your educational opportunities will be endless. The Liberal Arts credits you will have earned at LMC will have you on track to earn a bachelor's degree.

Due to the high number to elective courses four-year schools are implementing, you will have a head start on fulfilling those requirements.

Many students who go on to a four-year school will choose to complete a Liberal Arts minor, others will choose to receive a bachelor's degree and continue their higher education.

Although a two-year Liberal Arts degree will not lead you directly into the workforce, it will equip you with the cultural knowledge that will make the transfer to any Michigan or out-of-state college a smooth transition.

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