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Interaction with External Auditors

Office of Origin: Financial Services
Date Adopted: 07-24-07
Date Reviewed: 01-15-12
Last Date Modified & Approved: 01-15-12

Policy Statement:
It is the policy of Lake Michigan College (the College) to fully cooperate with all external auditors.

An external auditor is an audit professional who performs an audit in accordance with specific laws or rules on specific components of the College or its programs, and who is independent of the entity being audited. An external auditor may be from a private company / firm or a state, federal, or local governmental until, among others.

In furtherance of this objective, it is expected that external auditors and College personnel will observe certain procedures intended to facilitate orderly audits and to minimize disruption of normal College operations. These procedures are outlined in a procedural document.

Responsibility: Vice President, Financial Services