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The Classroom Experience

student looks through microscope in biology classWhen it comes to classroom work you must stay focused and open your mind. Be prepared to entertain alternate explanations in theory and experimentation.

Expectations and Skills Taught
Class time serves as an introduction of material. It is up to you, as the student, to apply the learned knowledge inside, as well as outside, the classroom. Lake Michigan College instructors expect dedication from students.

The Biology program has a rigorous schedule and carries a heavy academic load. LMC instructors will expect you to have good task commitment. Since many of these classes are introductory or general overviews, it is vital to your academic success to attend and actively participate in every class.

Grades will be based on exams, quizzes, homework, and lab reports. Expect to apply learned ideas. Exams will be a combination of multiple choice, matching, short answer and essay questions.

Overall, the biology courses offered at LMC are aimed at preparing you to be successful at a four-year university. LMC will provide you with the broad science knowledge you will need to succeed in higher-level courses.

Lab Field Trips
"Taking students out of the classroom gives students a sense of what to expect once they enter the working world," states LMC Biology advisor Robert Schodorf.

Lake Michigan College is one of a few community colleges in Michigan with a Natural Area on our campus.

Students are able to take advantage of this area by exploring the 50-acre area and collecting environmental data.

Technology in the Classroom
A variety of technologies are used in conjunction with traditional lecture and hands-on activities. PowerPoint presentations, videos, DVDs, the Internet and materials available on Canvas - the College's learning management system - play an important role in class.

In every Biology lab, you will use an individual, wireless laptop where simulated experiments are presented and tested. Lake Michigan College is one of the top community colleges in offering advanced computer equipment on a per student basis.

Online instruction is also available. This does not take the place of classroom time. Instead, students should feel free to use this as a complement to class material.

Getting the Most from the Program
Keep in touch with your advisor to make sure you are on track for graduation and/or transferring. If necessary, your plan can be revised to adjust for any circumstances that may change your available time to complete the program.

Math/Science Computer Help Lab
If you need additional assistance with an idea or concept presented during class, go to the help lab. The Help Lab is located at the Napier Avenue Campus in room B303.

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