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Business Administration
Business Administration
The Classroom Experience

While studying business administration at Lake Michigan College, you will select courses in accounting, economics, and general business and combine them with courses taken at a four-year university to develop a degree that will serve as excellent preparation for the business world. With this major, you will be prepared to enter a variety of business careers. Whether your interests lie in accounting, finance, or marketing, LMC's program will put you on track to accomplish your future career goals.

Expectations and Skills Taught
Due to the increasing competition in the business field, LMC will teach you to effectively communicate, interact, and assume responsible positions in your chosen field. To some, in-class presentations are the most dreaded parts of class, but presentations are a part of business. You will be introduced to the basic principles and practices of speaking. Oral presentations will be a major component of COMM 101.

You will also gain computer and business correspondence skills.

Technology in the Classroom
A variety of technologies are used in conjunction with traditional lecture and hands-on activities. PowerPoint presentations, the Internet, and materials available on Canvas - the College's learning management system - play an important role in class.

Getting the Most from the Program
Before your career can begin, numerous hours are spent successfully balancing an agenda filled with class, group projects, research papers, small in-class presentations, homework, exams, and quizzes. This program will teach you that one of the most important ingredients for success in business is time management.

According to program coordinator Robert Lane, "you must be willing to invest a significant amount of time and energy into your degree." Your duties as a student do not stop once you leave the classroom. You must develop a drive to be successful in a very competitive market.

Beyond the exams and papers, it is important to stay in contact with your academic advisor. Your advisor will help you successfully transfer as many credits as possible to a four-year college or university.

It is also helpful to develop relationships while at Lake Michigan College. You will be studying along side the future business leaders in this community, so take advantage of classroom time.

Program coordinator Robert Lane stresses the importance of networking even in the classroom. "It's important to build your business connections. Talk to your classmates. They'll soon be in their own business in the area, and maintaining a connection may prove to be profitable for both sides."

You should also take the time to become involved in the full college experience. Meeting other students and taking advantage of campus clubs such as Students in Free Enterprise will make your class work more meaningful and help you build a network of peers with whom to share ideas.

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