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Procedure for Lost or Damaged Library Items

To ensure that library materials remain available for all users, it is necessary for the William Hessel Library to pursue delinquent borrowers. Students, staff, faculty, and community patrons are responsible for lost materials and materials damaged beyond repair.

LMC students: When a LMC student has been notified of overdue materials and has not returned them, a block will be placed in BANNER on the student's records. For functions such as obtaining grades, transcripts, etc., the student will have to contact the Hessel Library to resolve the problem and to have the block removed. The intent of the block is to retrieve library materials for use by others. In the event that materials are lost or damaged beyond repair, the Hessel Library will require payment or replacement to release the block.

Library items are considered lost when 30 days overdue.

Lost or Damaged (Beyond Repair) Charges - includes $10.00 cataloging fee and fine of $5.00 assessed for lost items:

  • Books in main collection $50.00
  • Children's $45.00
  • Paperback Fiction $20.00
  • Paperback Nonfiction $25.00 (may be higher as this type can range in pricing)
  • AV materials $65.00 (but may be higher amount if part of a series or kit.)
  • Reference books $75.00
  • Reserves $65.00
  • ILL $90.00 (Or higher if the lending library charges more than $90)
  • Damaged magazine issue $25.00
  • Damaged bound magazine volume $45.00

(Some books will be a higher amount if work is by or about a well known artist or photographer - exhibit catalog, compilation of their works, etc.)

As an alternative and with the librarian's permission, an exact replacement copy; or, if still currently available, a new copy from, not third party, may be purchased and brought to the library ($5.00 fine and $10 processing fee per item will still be charged). This alternative does not apply to Interlibrary Loans. Those replacement fees are at the discretion of the lending library.

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