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Business Administration
Business Administration
Skills You'll Need

"Reading and math skills are the essential tools for success in this field" according to program coordinator Erick Pifer. He also adds that it is "important to be an open communicator. This will help build a network of professionals that will be useful in your future career."

As a financial manager, you'll need to be able to supervise employees in a branch, office, or department of a bank, brokerage firm, and insurance department or credit department. You'll also need to be a subject matter expert in the particular business you are in.

Specific skills you'll need include:

  • knowledge of economic and accounting application
  • ability to manage and lead a work team
  • extensive background in mathematical applications
  • knowledge of legal codes, laws and government regulations

Accountants analyze financial data and organize financial reports. If this is the career path you choose it will be your responsibility to maintain records of all financial activity within an organization.

Key skills include:

  • ability to apply mathematical knowledge to solve problems
  • ability to prevent or control a financial problem
  • knowledge of computers and their applications
  • ability to meet company standards

Marketing managers are responsible for determining the demand for products and services. In this career, your goal will be to maximize the organization's profits and increase customer satisfaction.

To be successful, you'll need:

  • knowledge of marketing and promoting strategies
  • to be able to lead and coordinate a marketing team
  • to be an effective oral and written communicator
  • to produce quality ideas on any topic
  • the ability to analyze costs and benefits

Success in the business field comes from a combination of skills. Along with the specific skills listed above, other skills will only aid in your future success. It is important to be able to meet deadlines and multitask. If you are working with clients, it is important to keep their information confidential. Having a trusted reputation is critical in the business world.

Computer skills are also essential in business. Understanding how to use word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation software allows business professionals to organize ideas and information to do their jobs.

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