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Flexible Course Delivery
CIS 223

CIS 223 is a continuation of CIS 123 – uses Microsoft Excel Comprehensive


1) The textbook used for CIS 123 Fall 2013 is from the Pearson Publishing companies Go! series. CIS 122 uses Microsoft Excel 2010 Comprehensive.

2) MyITlab software. The license is good for one (1) year for many Pearson publishing courses using MyITlab. With one copy of MyITlab you could take all of the CIS OE\DE courses. providing you finish all those courses within one year from the time you install MyITlab.

MyITlab provides the appropriate Microsoft software to complete the course within its shell. Consequently, students can do all the exercises to complete the course without purchasing the necessary Microsoft office application software. If a student wants to use the actual MS office application software they would have to purchase it separately or as a package with the textbook from the bookstore (see options below).

Pearson can bundle all of the Microsoft office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access) with textbooks. The license on the software is only good for 180 days.

Pearson is not allowed to sell the MS office applications unless it is bundled with a textbook.


The appropriate Microsoft (MS) office application for this course – E.g. for CIS 122: Microsoft Word (appropriate version e.g. Word 2010 or Word 2013, etc.), for CIS 123: appropriate version MS Excel, etc.

You will notice that there may be up to five (5) different packages available for this course:

  1. Textbook only
  2. MyITlab software only
  3. Textbook and MyITlab software
  4. Textbook and MS office 180 day trail
  5. Textbook, and MyITlab software, and MS office 180 day

 Bundling of the software (MyITlab and MS office applications) with the textbook provides a more favorable price than purchasing them separately and the bundled package has a different ISBN than the textbook alone. 

Consequently, we suggest that you order the material from the LMC Bookstore.

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