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Medicine & Osteopathic Medicine (Pre)
Medicine & Osteopathic Medicine (Pre)
Skills You'll Need

When working with patients, there is a need for more than technical skills. Soft skills are needed. Patients want to be heard, so it is important to be an active listener to understand their needs and concerns. Once the patient has had the opportunity to express his or her symptoms, it is your responsibility to use critical thinking and medicinal knowledge to help treat the aliment.

When working with patients that are not able to verbally express their symptoms, physicians must be able to read non-verbal cues.

Effective written and verbal communication is a necessity. Charts must be understandable and prescriptions must be clear. When working with a team of medical professionals (medical specialist and nurses) everyone involved must work as a unit to effectively assess the needs and treatment options of every patient.

Some physicians have a private practice, so business skills are vital to the success of the office.

Some office skills include:

  • knowledge of computer programs
  • ability to delegate office responsibilities
  • knowledge of insurance plans and regulations
  • organization
  • strong interpersonal skills
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