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First Class Meeting

Office of Origin: Academic & Student Services
Date Adopted:
Last Date Modified & Approved:

Policy Statement:
During the first meeting of the class, please provide the students with the information listed below as part of the syllabus (See Appendix A for information on preparation of syllabus). It is particularly important for instructors teaching courses which meet once per week to recognize that the first class constitutes an entire week's worth of instruction. At least the latter 2/3 of the first class should be devoted to the presentation of the subject material itself. Class is to run for the full session.

1. Materials to be covered. This must be done in the form of a course outline, as well as any oral presentation that you believe is necessary. Submit a copy of your syllabus with goals and objectives to the Dean for each class you teach each semester you teach.

2. Evaluation method and grading criteria/scale. (See LMC Grading Policy and Withdrawal Procedures in the College Catalog).

3. Attendance standards.

4. Expectations of the instructor (including Expected Student Outcomes, papers, reports, quizzes, tests to be used).

5. Books and materials that will be needed.

Clarification of these points to students at the beginning of the semester will support their success in the class.

Adjunct faculty will be given a copy of a syllabus and outline prepared by full-time faculty or a previous instructor. Goals and objectives should remain the same. Use it as a guide in preparing your syllabus and outline. A standardized format should be used (see Appendix B). Other sample syllabi are available for review in your Dean's office.

Some faculty members circulate a sheet for making a class-member list with names, addresses, home and work phone numbers, and e-mail addresses. This practice is strictly optional and students may opt not to participate. These sheets can be duplicated and distributed to students who can then contact one another about class notes, study groups, questions and car pooling.

Responsibility: Executive Dean, Arts & Sciences and Accreditation