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Skills You'll Need

A philosophy degree can take you into various career directions. No matter where your career takes you, certain philosophy skills will be essential.

"The most important skill we want our students to leave with is the ability to process thought intellectually," states Lake Michigan College program instructor Dr. K. Sundaram. "We want our students to be able to look at different perspectives and different views, and analyze them."

In today's world, information is thrown at us in mass quantities. It is the goal of the philosophy program to foster the use of critical thinking skills to determine fact from fiction, and to help you arrive at your own viewpoint.

Analytical and communication skills are key components in the philosophy field. It is not enough for you to understand your personal philosophy; you must have the ability to communicate this philosophy to others. Verbally dissecting an argument will allow others to see the key points being made, and then finally, how you arrived at your conclusion. Written communication allows you to format your philosophical viewpoint and distribute your ideas to others.

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