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Landscape Horticulture
Agriculture - Landscape Horticulture
Certificate and Degree Options

MSU’s Institute of Agricultural Technology (IAT) has admission requirements similar to those of Lake Michigan College. Students interested in pursuing the Applied Plant Science certificate need to apply to both LMC and MSU’s IAT to take classes and be eligible for financial aid.

Certificate Program
To earn the two-year MSU certificate in Applied Plant Science with a concentration in Landscape Horticulture, students must complete the 21 credits of coursework required from LMC, 21 core credits required through MSU, and at least 9 credits of elective courses through the MSU Horticulture Department. All of these courses are offered at the LMC campus.

Associate Degree Program
In addition to earning the MSU certificate in Applied Plant Science above, students must complete the additional 10 or 12 credits required to earn the LMC Associate of Applied Science degree. These additional courses include physical education, an additional English course, a humanities course, and a political science or history course. Students must see an LMC advisor to determine which courses satisfy these requirements.

Transferring to Michigan State University
Students completing the two-year certificate or associate's degree program in Applied Plant Science are able to apply for admission to a four-year MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Sciences program as a transfer student and transfer their LMC course credit to MSU. All MSU courses taken at LMC are already in their MSU records. See the MSU agriculture programs coordinator well in advance of intending to transfer to MSU to make sure all coursework will transfer to MSU and to determine how to apply for MSU admission.

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