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Flexible Course Delivery
About CIS Open Entry/Defined Exit (OE/DE) Courses

Students may begin any and all CIS OE\DE courses any time after the “classes begin” date but must complete the course before the “classes end” date.

A reliable, relatively high speed Internet connection from your home is recommended.

This is a self-paced course that relies primarily on the Internet for delivery. So if you choose to enroll in this course you should have a reliable, preferably high bandwidth, Internet connection. Internet connection through your cable service provider or a DSL connection through your phone service provider is encouraged. Dial-up connection may work but is not recommended. Lake Michigan College offers open labs with computer access on a limited basis on each campus. Most local libraries in Berrien County also provide adequate Internet access typically if you register with the library.

Spring Semester 2013
These courses use special software from the text book publisher called MyITlab. The software is licensed for 180 days so when you purchase the software you will only be able to use it for 180 days.

Some students receive financial aid and or grants to attend college. Some organizations that provide grants or financial aid require that attendance be monitored and the college may not be reimbursed for the cost it incurs early in the semester if the college can’t provide evidence that students are actively working on completing the course. Consequently the faculty will determine methods and systems to provide documented evidence that students are actively working on completing course requirements. A couple of methods that are employed are having students complete an assignment within the first week or two that they begin the course. Another method is to access the special software and perform some task used by the course. Often the software can track access and completion of various tasks.

The CIS OE\DE courses are self-paced courses in that a student can start the course any time after the semester begins but must complete it before the last “classes end” date. The student is responsible for managing their time in a way to complete the course before the deadline. Instructors may provide some ideal schedule to follow or organize the special software to help keep you on track. Since students may begin the course at any time after the semester begins instructors cannot provide ideal schedules or organize software to account for every possible beginning time.

If I need help
Since these courses are self-paced there is not regularly scheduled meeting time with the instructor. Since these courses are Internet based a student can start and complete the course without ever meeting the instructor. This may meet the needs of someone who knows most of the material and wants to complete the course very quickly. However, many students, including those who know most of the material, may need some assistance from the instructor of the class. The instructor is the one who is responsible for providing the assistance to you. Each instructor may have a unique way to do this and each will address this issue in their syllabus.

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