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Skills You'll Need

The LMC Music program is looking for students who appreciate music and who are willing to put forth effort.  A degree in music leads to a wide variety of career choices.

To be successful in a music career, you need to have:

  • extensive music knowledge
  • skills in sight-reading and sight-singing
  • good written and verbal communication skills
  • knowledge of music industry
  • specialized skills in vocal and instrumental area

Music is a broad program that incorporates many aspects of the industry including education, technology, business, and therapy.

Skills and abilities will vary according to the specific field into which you decide to go into. One skill that remains consistent, no matter what field you enter, is the ability to read and understand music. In an industry that is fast paced, it is important to be able to look at sheet music and hear the melody in your head.

Other skills that are recommended include:

  • knowledge of a foreign language
  • keyboard and communication skills
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