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Early College
Early College
Early College Academy at Bertrand Crossing Campus

Just like traditional Early College courses offered by the College, the Early College Academy at Bertrand Crossing Campus allows you to take core courses that are general education requirements at most colleges and universities. But, several things set the Early College Academy apart from traditional Early College classes.

How the Academy Works
All academy classes take place on Lake Michigan College’s Bertrand Crossing Campus in Niles, giving you the full college experience with other college students. Classes meet in the mornings, five days a week. The second half of your school day is spent at your high school, allowing you to participate in sports, music, and club activities. You can also choose to be part of the many LMC clubs and activities available to students.

More classes, an even bigger jump start on college
The academy is a more intensive Early College experience. You can take up to four, three-credit college courses per semester, compared to the two courses generally recommended for traditional Early College plans. Students who attend the academy for one year typically earn 20 to 24 college credits. Those who attend during their junior and senior years and during the summer semesters can complete enough credits to earn an associate’s degree and enter college full time as a junior following high school graduation.

Prepared for success
Because we want you and other students to be successful in the academy, only those who have demonstrated the highest levels of academic motivation and preparedness will be accepted into the program. To further build toward your success, you will attend a two-day college boot camp during the summer before you enter the academy. You will also receive intensive advising from our staff to make sure that the classes you are taking will transfer to the college and program of your choice.

Academy tuition and fees
If you attend one of the high schools partnering with Lake Michigan College in the academy, your high school will pay the tuition and fees associated with the courses you take during the regular school year, and in some cases, even your textbooks. The cost associated with any classes you take during the summer semester will be your responsibility. But remember, Lake Michigan College’s tuition is less than half to two-thirds of what Michigan’s public universities charge, so you’ll still be getting a great education at an affordable price!  

How to Apply

Eligibility for 2015-16 Academy
We welcome applications for the Bertrand Crossing Early College Academy from highly motivated students who demonstrate strong academic skills. Students should meet the following criteria:

  • GPA of at least 3.50
  • Demonstrate college readiness on the LMC placement assessment
  • Principal and counselor recommendation
  • At least one teacher recommendation
  • Meet State of Michigan dual enrollment guidelines
  • Attend one of the partner high schools which include Berrien Springs High School, Brandywine High School, Buchanan High School, or Niles High School

Students not meeting all of the requirements may, with their high school's permission, enroll in some dual enrollment college courses, but would not be eligible to enroll for as many credits as full-time academy students.

Complete an application

  • Download a copy of the Early College Academy application
  • Submit your high school transcript, along with your ACT and/or SAT scores. Take the LMC Compass placement assessment to show college readiness (equivalent ACT/SAT scores can be used.)
  • Complete all sections of the application and submit it with the required signatures.
  • Write and submit an essay of at least 500 words that addresses the following topic: Discuss how the Early College Academy will help you reach your goals.
  • Obtain recommendations from your high school principal, counselor, and at least one teacher. Each recommendation must be submitted on an official recommendation form that is part of the application packet.

NOTE: It is the student's responsibility to collect all portions of the application and to submit the material in an orderly and timely manner to their high school counselors or administrators. Incomplete or disorganized applications may not be considered.

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