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Certificate and Degree Options

Experiential Credit
If you have previous line worker experience from a vocational high school program or industrial work, you may qualify for advanced standing in LMC's line worker program. Talk to your advisor for details.

Certificate Program
The line worker certificate program can typically be completed in one year and enables you to enter the job market with basic, entry-level skills. Students complete 36 credit hours of practical theory and hands-on training using actual equipment and materials in classroom, laboratory, and field settings.

Associate’s Degree Program
If you wish to go beyond the certificate program, you can complete the Associate in Industrial Technology degree in General Technology. The associate degree program gives you a well-rounded college education with coursework in areas such as English, social sciences, math and physics, and business.

Transferring to Earn a Bachelor's Degree
The line worker program transfers to Siena Heights University’s Bachelor of Applied Science degree. If you are interested in transferring to a four-year, you should work with your counselor or academic advisor to ensure that your courses will transfer to the school of your choice.

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