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Corrections, Probation, & Parole
Corrections, Probation, & Parole
Certificate and Degree Options

Completing your associate's degree will get you started in the corrections industry. If you choose to go into the fields of probation or parole, a bachelor's degree is highly recommended.

Two-Year Program
The two-year program in Corrections, Probation, and Parole at LMC will lead you to an Associate in Applied Science degree. Upon graduation, you can select from a variety of corrections positions in a county, state, federal jail, prison, or juvenile center.

Corrections Officer Academic Certificate
The 15-credit program in Corrections, Probation, and Parole program leads to a Corrections Officer Academic Certificate.

Transferring to Other Schools
If you are interested in transferring to a four-year school to complete your bachelor's degree in Corrections, Probation, and Parole, you should work with your counselor or academic advisor to ensure that your courses will transfer to the school of your choice.

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