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The Classroom Experience

LMC professor assists chemistry student with test tubesThe Chemistry program is challenging. Lake Michigan College instructors will expect you to work hard and be dedicated to your classwork. Since many of these classes teach the fundamentals that all other chemistry knowledge is built on, it is important for you to attend and actively participate in every class.

Expectations and Skills Taught
If you have little or no background in Chemistry, then CHEM 101 may be the course to begin with. Topics covering the scientific method, structure of an atom, periodic table, and chemical bonds are introduced. "I try to give examples that relate to students' lives," says LMC chemistry instructor Dr. Bal Barot. "Chemistry is abstract so I take time discussing each topic."

In CHEM 204 field trips are alternatively taken to Dsm Pharma Chemicals in South Haven and Andrews University to view working laboratories and equipment.

Grades are determined by performances on exams, quizzes, term papers, group assignments, and labs.

Technology in the Classroom
For many chemistry labs, you will use an individual wireless laptop, where simulated experiments are presented and tested.

During lectures, PowerPoint presentations, DVDs, web sites, and Canvas - the College's learning management system - are used to supplemental and idea or scientific theory.

Internet courses are available. To enroll in on-line courses, you must meet with a chemistry advisor. According to Dr. Barot, "to take on-line chemistry classes, a student must show initiative and responsibility. Without self-discipline it becomes too hard to earn a decent grade."

Getting the Most from the Program
It is important to keep in touch with your advisor to make sure you are staying on your academic track. If necessary, your plan can be revised to adjust for any circumstances that may change your available time to complete the program.

Math/Science Computer Help Lab
If you need additional assistance with an idea or concept presented during class, go to the help lab located at the Napier Avenue Campus in room B303.

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