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Purchasing and Maintaining Major Home Appliances

Major appliances are extremely reliable, but failures always seem to become an emergency situation. In a visit to the appliance store, they all seem to look about the same. Internal differences are significant however, and buying the wrong type may lead to several years of disappointing use. You will learn to judge which styles and options are most appropriate for your lifestyle. You will learn the appropriate installation and care. Finally, you will learn to diagnose common problems, and to judge which repairs to attempt yourself, and which to leave to a professional. Your instructor has received factory-technician training, and worked in customer assistance for ten years.

Date: Monday, April 21
Time: 6 – 8 p.m.
Location: Bertrand Crossing Campus
Room: 109
Cost: FREE
Instructor: Timm Pschigoda
CRN: 60719

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