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Pharmacy (Pre)
Pharmacy (Pre)
The Classroom Experience

You can prepare for a pharmaceutical career by completing a two-year Pre-Pharmacy area of study at Lake Michigan College and transferring credits to a four-year accredited university with a School of Pharmacy.

The Pre-Pharmacy transfer program incorporates lecture and lab time in science-based courses. Lecture prepares you for exams, papers, and lab time. Labs give you hands-on practice of the concepts you learn during lecture.

The Pre-Pharmacy transfer program demands hard work and dedication to your studies. LMC instructors will expect you to keep up with the program's academic demands. Since many of these classes are introductory or general overviews, you must be willing to put in the time and effort to not just pass the upcoming exam, but to understand the ideas and concepts introduced to you in class.

"My classes will challenge you and force you to think critically," says LMC instructor and program coordinator Dr. Bal Barot. "It's not only important to get the right answers, but to also understand and recognize the process."

Overall, the Pre-Pharmacy courses offered at LMC are aimed at preparing you to be successful at a School of Pharmacy. LMC provides you with the broad science knowledge you will need to succeed in higher-level courses.

Technology in the Classroom
For many science labs, you will use an individual wireless laptop where simulated experiments are presented and tested. Lectures often are accompanied with PowerPoint presentations, videos, DVDs, Internet, and Canvas (the College's instructional Intranet) materials.

Internet courses are available. To enroll in on-line courses, you must meet with a Chemistry advisor. According to Dr. Barot, "to take on-line science classes, a student must show initiative and responsibility. Without self-discipline it becomes too hard to earn a decent grade."

Getting the Most from the Program
Lake Michigan College has developed program guides with Ferris State University, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University. This puts you on the path to transfer to any of these universities. If you are interested in attending a different university, please work with a counselor or academic advisor to build a program that will meet the requirements of your chosen school.

Keeping in touch with your advisor is a good way to make sure you are on track with transfer and graduation requirements.

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