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  • Policies
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Academic Honesty
Academic Intervention
Academic Issues 
Academic Standards Of Progress
Acceptable Use For Technology Resources
Accessibility For The Handicapped
Account Reconciliation
Active Military Duty - Students 
Alternative Delivery Of Instruction
Amnesty of Semester
Assessment Placement
Assignment of a Grade
Assurance of Quality - Career Education and Transfer Programs
Athletic Facilities (Outdoor) Usage
Attendance - Class
Auditing Courses
Authority to Bind College to External Agreements   
Background Check - Employee 
Bank Accounts - Corporate Authorization Resolution  
Barter Transactions
Benefits - Administrative, Classified & Maintenance -Part-Time
Benefits For Part-Time Employees, Excluding Adjunct Faculty - Administrator & Professional/Technical Staff
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan
Board Authorization For Use of College Name & Logo
Board Conflict of Interest
Board Definition of College Mission Statement
Board: Education - Related Business Activities
Board Governance
Board Members' Expense Reimbursement
Board Policy Document
Board: Reporting Relationships
Board: Traffic Policy
Campus Safety Alerts
Career Education & Transfer Programs
Cash Handling
Children on Campus
Clery Act Compliance
Communicable Disease
Complaint - General Student
Complaint Resolution Process
Conflict of Interest - Employee
Consensual Relationships
Continuing Education
Course Content
Credit Hour Limit
Credit Hour Requirements - Certificate Programs
Credit for Experiential Learning
Dean's List
Definition of a Credit Hour and Program Length
Distance Learning
Drug Free Workplace - Code of Conduct
Early College Direct Credit and Dual Enrollment Students
Electronic Devices in the Classroom
Emergency Preparedness and Response Plan
Employee Assistance Program
Employment of Employee Dependents
English as a Second Language
Equal Opportunity for Disabled Students
Facility Usage
Family & Medical Leave Act
Fee and Residency - Community & Business Services Programs
Financial Conflict of Interest In Sponsored Programs-Compliance with Federal & State Law
First Class Meeting
FOIA Policy and Guidelines 
Freedom of Expression  
Furniture Moving - Special Events
General Education Requirements for Graduates of Lake Michigan College
General Student Complaints
Gifts & Gratuities
Grade Point Averages
Guarantee - Business Training

Guest Students 
Hazard Communication Program
Honorary Degree
Human Resources - Administrators & Professional/Technical Overview
Human Resources - Classified Staff Overview
Human Resources - Facilities Contract 
Human Resources - Faculty Contract
Identity Theft, Red Flag and Security Incident Reporting
Institutional Data Management
Interaction with External Auditors
International Employees
International Students
Learning Resource Center
Lobbying-Compliance with Federal & State Law
Mileage Reimbursement
Missing Student Notification
Naming of Facilities, Programs, and Support Funds  
Outcomes Assessment
Personal Liability - Employees 
Personal Liability - Volunteers 
Policies Relating to Board of Trustees
Policy Related to Administrative and Professional/Technical Staff
Policy Related to Classified Staff
Professor Emeritus Appointments of Teaching Faculty
Protection of Human Subjects in Research 
Reinstatement to the College
Repeating Courses
Request For Space - Special Events
Require of External Agencies - Compliance
Resume Service and Job Postings
Sabbatical Leave - Administrators & Professional/Technical Staff
Sale/Disposal of College Property
Segregation of Duties
Selling, Soliciting and Advertising
Sexual Harassment 
Social Security Number
Special Programs
Student Accounts Receivable Collection
Student Appeal Committee
Student Behavior
Student Code of Conduct
Student Discipline and Due Process
Student Information (Confidential) - Access to and Release of Policy
Student Records Retention and Disposal
Supplanting of Funds-Compliance with Federal & State Law
Tax Sharing
Textbook Adoption
Tobacco-Free Campus
Transfer of College Credit
Tuition and Fee Approval
Tuition and Fee Payment
Tuition and Refund
Tuition Reimbursement Benefits - Adjunct Faculty
Tuition Waiver - Faculty and Staff
Tuition Waiver - Siena Heights University Employees  
Undocumented Students Admissions
Use and Finance Statement  
Use of Internet and Electronic Communication Systems 
Vacation - Administrators & Professional/Technical Staff, Full-Time
Voluntary Resignation Form   
Weapons-Free Campus Policy
Zero Tolerance - Workplace Violence