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Volunteer Orientation

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General Guidelines for the Volunteer Service Program at LMC
Volunteers Who Work with Clients

Guidelines vary depending on the agency you are volunteering at therefore each agency is asked to provide an orientation for you regarding guidelines, responsibilities, etc. Below outlines some general guidelines for you to consider while volunteering.

  1. You are responsible for all Clients assigned to you. You should never stray from the group with a client. For your own safety and that of the Client, you should never be alone with a Client. Always stay with the group.

  2. Please do not go up to any Clients' rooms, apartments or homes unless specifically instructed to do so. You should remain in designated common areas within the agency you are volunteering.

  3. Never take any Client in your car or drive them anywhere.

  4. Each volunteer opportunity follows a specific program designed to ensure that we offer optimal service to those in need and that you have a meaningful volunteer experience. Each volunteer opportunity also has a definite beginning and end time. Any activity undertaken by any Volunteer beyond the scope of the project outlined to you by the Volunteer Service Program at LMC or activity undertaken before or after the designated hours of the volunteer opportunity is beyond the scope of the Volunteer Service Program at LMC.

  5. Do not purchase anything extra for Clients beyond what has been established before the project.

  6. Stay until the end of the project. It is disturbing (especially to the children) if you leave early.

  7. Transitional situations can be difficult for some Clients. It will help if you discuss the game plan for the day with the Clients. In particular, be alert at the end of the day when it is time to go home - some Clients (especially children) may act out.

  8. You are acting as a role model to these Clients - please act accordingly and do not use improper language around them.

  9. Never pry into a Client's background or demean the Client's family or any ethnic, religious or counter-culture group in any way.

  10. If a Client acts out, please contact an agency staff member immediately. Do not take matters into your own hands. It is crucial that you never physically touch a Client as a means of discipline or demonstrate aggressive physical behavior in a playful manner.

  11. It is expected that you attend each volunteer opportunity prepared, ready to work and learn and dressed appropriately.

  12. Approach this volunteer opportunity as if it were a job and allocate your time accordingly.

  13. Please remember you are a representative of and ambassador for Lake Michigan College and will behave accordingly.

("Clients" shall mean any child, senior or other person you encounter as a Volunteer)

By signing the attached acknowledgement, I hereby confirm that I have been provided a with a copy and that I have read the above "Guidelines for the Volunteer Service Program at LMC", and agree to abide by these rules at all times.

Volunteer Eligibility

By agreeing to become a Volunteer and by signing the attached acknowledgement, I agree and acknowledge that LMC may terminate my volunteer status at anytime for violation of these guidelines or for any reason.


"I agree", I hereby confirm that I have carefully read and understand the provisions attached hereto and by agreeing I hereby acknowledge and agree to comply with or be bound by the collectively.
"I disagree", I hereby confirm that I have carefully read and understand the provisions attached hereto and do not wish to participate in the Volunteer Service Program at LMC.

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