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About LMC
College Administration Directory - Dial (269) 927-1000 followed by extension
President Dr. Robert P. Harrison 8600
Executive Assistant to the President Rebecca Steffen 8861
Vice President
  Administrative Services Anne Erdman 5110
  Finance Kelli Hahn 6701
  Co-Vice Presidents of Instruction Leslie Kellogg and Christopher Spradlin 6188
  Student Services Dr. Clinton Gabbard 8120
Executive Dean
  Bertrand Crossing Campus Barbara Craig 2795
  South Haven Campus and Community Education Doug Schaffer (interim) 7504
  Arts & Sciences Gary Roberts (interim) 8620
  Career Education & Workforce Development Ken Flowers (interim) 4103
Executive Director
  Facilities Management Lee Van Ginhoven 8611
  Human Resources Joseph Cronin 8102
  Information Technology Randall Melton 8139
  Foundation Mary Klemm (interim) 6849
  Academic Services, Bertrand Crossing Campus Becky Foster 2792
  Academic Services, South Haven Campus TBD 7503
  Admissions & Recruitment Larissa Hunt (interim) 8170
  Advising & Retention Angela Marsh-Peek 6280
  Business & Foundation Relations TBD 8617
  Business Intelligence John Hulsebus 6846
  Career Pathways & Community Education Debbie Gillespie 4293
  Conference and Event Services Tonya Martindale 8604
  Educational Opportunity Center Tia Miller 8965
  Financial Aid Anne Tews 8117
  Finance Karla Pankratz 8196
  Grants Manager and Upward Bound Selene Anderson 7061
  Healthcare Education Institute LaToya Mason 4086
  Intercollegiate Athletics & Student Discipline Jason Cooper 8165
  Major Gifts & Estate Planning Christopher Moffat 8752
  Marketing and Communications Candice Elders 8875
  Public Safety/Evening Coordinator Steve Silcox 7060
  Reference Librarian Diane Baker 6287
  Registrar Helen Hays-Thomas 6110
  Student Life & Housing Pam McVay 8150
  Student Outreach & Support Services Pam Harper 8866
  Student Services, Bertrand Crossing Campus Jeremy Schaeffer 2988
  Student Services, South Haven Campus Denise Thomas 7526
  Student Support Services Nancy Johnson 5209
  Teaching and Learning Center Mark Kelly 5059
  Workforce & Technology Development Ken Flowers 4103
Department Chairs
  Arts, Humanities Dr. Denise Scameheorn 8775
  Business Administration Greg Iwaniuk 2949
  CIS/OIS/GRDN Christine Davis 8877
  English and Communication Dr. Janice Zerfas 5182
  Health Sciences Julie Uribe 5074
  Math, Physical Education and Wellness Jill Claeys 8964
  Natural Sciences Dr. Paige Eagan 8184
  Social Sciences Dr. Gary Roberts 8771
  Technologies Ken Flowers 4103
  Transitional Studies Chuck Jordan 8966
  Transitional Studies Brenda Sheppard 8781
Full-Time Faculty
  Biology Instructor Dr. Missy Howse-Kurtz 8623
  Biology Instructor Dr. Susan Lentz 8624
  Biology Instructor  Dr. Frances Miles 7157
  Biology Instructor Frank Stijnman 8862
  Biology/Natural Science Instructor Dr. Jessica Beachy 5075
  Business Instructor Joseph Zwiller 5003
  Business Administration Instructor Greg Iwaniuk 2949
  Business Administration Instructor Erick Pifer 5004
  Chemistry Instructor Dr. Bal Barot 8754
  Chemistry Instructor Dr. Paige Eagan 8184
  Chemistry Instructor Dr. Leah Parkinson 8769
  Chemistry Lecturer John Beck 2986
  CIS Instructor Shawn Hisle 8166
  CIS Instructor Charles Olszewski 8749
  Communication Instructor Sharon Klemm 5177
  Dental Assisting Instructor Julie Uribe 5074
  Digital Media Instructor Brandon Pierce 8767
  Energy Production Technologies Instructor Steve Karsten 3080
  English Instructor Nicholas Brittin 8759
  English Instructor Joseph Eklund 8195
  English Instructor Charlie Jordan 8966
  English Instructor Sean Newmiller 8741
  English Instructor Sarah Smith 5275
  English Instructor Dr. Janice Zerfas 8871
  History Instructor Dr. Christopher Paine 8607
  Hospitality Management Instructor Chris Woodruff 8868
  Industrial Maintenance Kevin Kreitner 3033
  Machine Tool Instructor  Ken Flowers 4103
  Mathematics Instructor  Chris Bendixen 8755
  Mathematics Instructor  Peter Brown 8760
  Mathematics Instructor  Gerry Cox 2620
  Mathematics Instructor  James Larson 8962
  Mathematics Instructor  Brenda Shepard 8781
  Mathematics/Geology Instructor Dr. Cole Lovett 8744
  Medical Imaging Instructor Kerry Mohney 8748
  Music Instructor John Owens 6588
  Music Theatre Director Dr. Calvin McClinton 8627
  Nursing Instructor Denise Gardner 8738
  Nursing Instructor Shelly Hennen 8615
  Nursing Instructor Suellen Klein 8742
  Nursing Instructor Kay Rice Francis 8736
  Nursing Instructor Mary Jo Risetter 8770
  Nursing Instructor Tonya Sobaski 8860
  Nursing Instructor Katherine Szymanski 5088
  Office Information Instructor/Business Lisa Augustniak 8171
  Office Information Systems Instructor Christine Davis 3253
  Physical Education and Wellness Instructor Jill Claeys 8964
  Physical Education and Wellness Instructor Daniel Meyer 8745
  Physics/Mathematics Instructor Mike Durren 8963
  Political Science Instructor Dr. Gary Roberts 8771
  Psychology Instructor Dr. Denise Scameheorn 8775
  Psychology Instructor Dr. Amy Scrima 8777
  Radiologic and MRI Instructor Kerry Mohney 8748
  Radiologic Technology Instructor Ildiko Widman 5102
  Reference Librarian Diane Baker 6287
  Sociology Instructor Dr. Michelle Stone 8863
  Sonography Instructor Mary LeRoy 8743
  Sonography and Ultrasound Instructor Beth Zak 5134
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