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Physical Education & Wellness
Physical Education & Wellness
The Classroom Experience

Lake Michigan College's Physical Education and Wellness program consists of five major areas: the Wellness graduation requirement, health issues courses, exercise and fitness development courses, lifetime and leisure activity courses, and professional physical education courses. Each focuses on different purposes.

Wellness Requirement:
The primary purpose of the wellness graduation requirement is to provide students with current health information and experiences that will result in an increased appreciation for the direct correlation of lifestyle choices and health. Students have a choice between three courses: PHED 200 Healthful Living (1 credit), PHED 212 Health and Fitness (3 credits), PHED 214 Personal Health (3 credits). (Only one of these courses counts toward graduation.) Healthful Living 200 can be taken in a traditional classroom setting or on-line.

Health issues courses:
The health issues series provides an opportunity for you to explore a particular health subject in depth.

Exercise/fitness development courses:
Improved physical fitness is the primary goal of the exercise and fitness courses. It is achieved by allowing you to physically participate in the mechanics and techniques of a particular exercise or experience in each course.

Lifetime/leisure activity courses:
Activity courses provide you with the opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills level of a variety of activities including volleyball, weightlifting, aerobics, karate, tennis, yoga, and more.

Professional physical education major courses:
These courses expose you to career opportunities and the academic and physical skills required within the profession. You will learn to develop and implement well-balanced physical programs. These courses will prepare you for a successful transfer to a four-year university.

Wellness Center
The Wellness Center features state-of-the-art equipment including aerobic super circuit, cardiovascular training area with wireless broadcast television and radio, free weights, and additional body parts weight machines. A professional trainer is available in the center at all times. By enrolling in PHED 145 - Total Fitness I or PHED 146 - Total Fitness II, you will have unlimited use of the center.

Getting the Most from the Program
By keeping in touch with your advisor, you can make sure you are on track and if necessary, your plan can be revised to adjust for any circumstances that may change your available time to complete the program.

Technology in the Classroom
A variety of technologies are used in conjunction with traditional lecture and hands-on activities. PowerPoint presentations, the Internet and materials available on Canvas - the College's instructional Intranet - play an important role in class.

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