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About LMC
Student Success Report

The following information is required by the Student Right-to-Know Act:

Cohort Fall 2008 Academic Year

Lake Michigan College Student Success Report
Student Cohort: Fall 2008

Total Students in Cohort: 461

As of the end of 2010-2011 Academic Year

  • Completed within 150% - 69
  • Non-completers (still attending and not enrolled) - 371
  • Graduated within four years (based on fall 2007 Cohort) - 73
  • Graduation Rate within 150% - 15.0%
  • Graduation Rate of those who graduated within four years - 17.1%

The Student Cohort contains all students who meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. Enrolled for the first time (at any college full-time) in the indicated cohort semester OR in the preceding Summer semester and then continued in the Fall cohort semester, either full or part-time.
  2. Are enrolled in majors that have a certificate or degree awarded at the completion of a defined number of credit hours.
  3. Indicated they are seeking a certificate or degree.

Completed within 150% are those students who received their degree/certificate within 150% of normal program time.

Still Attending includes all students who are enrolled for at least one credit hour in year preceding the reporting semester/term indicated.

Not Currently Enrolled includes all students who were not enrolled for the year preceding the semester/term indicated and are not counted in any other category.

Transferred Students are those the institution knows has changed their enrollment to another institution.

Graduation, Transferred Rate = (Graduated + Transferred) / Initial Cohort. For this rate, graduated students are counted up to the end of 150% of the time period for the award they are seeking.

150% Time Period is set by the Federal government at:

  • Three (3) semesters for one-year certificate programs, and
  • Six (6) semesters for two-year certificate programs.
    Note: This counts two (2) semesters per year as a normal load.

Unduplicated Count. This report presents an unduplicated count by category of students in the cohort. If a student can be counted in more than one category, they are reported ONLY in the lowest numbered (i.e., graduated takes priority over transferred) category listed.

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