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Department Mission

The Music Department believes that the study of music is an essential component in the education of all people, that musical experiences enrich the lives of all who embrace them, and that through active musical participation people can bridge cultures, classes, and races.

The mission of the Music Department is:
1. To provide quality learning opportunities for music majors.
2. To serve the needs of the general student population.
3. To advance teaching, performance, creativity, and professional development among its faculty.
4. To serve as a cultural resource center for students, the college community, the region, and the profession at large.

Fundamental to the success of the Music Department are certain core values:

Excellence We maintain academic quality through regular program review, student and peer teaching evaluation, and the implementation of national standards as set forth by National Association of Schools of Music.

Student Centered/Customer Focused Advising mentoring, and outreach are the key components of our approach to building support and understanding of students and the community.

Responsive We respond to the needs of students and the community with constant review, analysis, research, and action.

Diversity We strive to create a diverse community that represents all segments of society, including women, ethnic-minorities and people with disabilities, in our student body, faculty and staff.

Caring We promote a caring environment for students, community, and colleagues including recognition of faculty and staff for exceptional performance, open and honest communication, shared planning, participative management, encouragement of responsible and creative risk-taking, and provisions for professional development.

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