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Medicine & Osteopathic Medicine (Pre)
Medicine & Osteopathic Medicine (Pre)
The Classroom Experience

two LMC students use a microscope in class

“The course work is demanding and students are responsible for rising to the challenge,” says Lake Michigan College instructor Dr. Susan Lentz.  “This program requires students to think beyond memorization.  They must fully understand the material and be able to apply their knowledge.  These skills are critical in the fields of medicine.”  

The Pre-Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine transfer program incorporates lecture and lab time in science-based courses. Lectures prepare you for exams, papers, and lab time.

Labs require the application what has been learned in the classroom. Labs are hands-on, collaborative experiences that allow students to practice problem solving skills and teamwork.

The Pre-Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine program is academically challenging. LMC instructors will expect you to work hard and keep up with the pace of the class. Many of these classes are introductory or general overviews, so it is important to attend and actively participate in every class.

Getting the Most from the Program
“Student success in medicine requires a comprehensive understanding of all the topics covered,” says Dr. Susan Lentz. “During your studies at LMC we will be providing foundational course work, so it is important to clarify any ambiguities and ask your instructors for help when you’re not clear on a concept or topic.  We encourage you to ask questions and to pursue resources outside of the classroom when a topic is of special interest to them.”

It is also important to keep in touch with your advisor both at LMC and the institution you intend to transfer. Graduation and transfer requirements often differ by institution, so by regularly meeting with your advisors you can make sure you are still on track. If necessary, your plan can be revised to adjust for any circumstances that may change your available time to complete the program.

Technology in the Classroom
In many labs, you will use an individual, wireless laptop, where simulated experiments are presented and tested. LMC is one of the top community colleges in offering advanced computer equipment on a per student basis.

A variety of technologies are used in the classroom. PowerPoint presentations, videos, DVDs, the Internet and materials available on Canvas - the College's instructional Intranet - aid in lectures.

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