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Expanded educational opportunities for Allegan County residents

August 30, 2013

Thanks to an agreement signed last week students in Allegan County will be able to take college classes without having to visit a college campus. This agreement between the Allegan Area Educational Service Agency (AAESA) and Lake Michigan College (LMC) formalizes a long standing relationship between the two organizations. Students will be able to receive college credit through direct credit, dual enrollment and traditional classes at AAESA facilities and local high schools.

Direct Credit classes are taught by Allegan County Technical Education Center (ACATEC) or local high school instructors who meet LMC standards as adjunct professors. Dual Enrollment classes are taught by LMC instructors and students simultaneously earn college and high school credits. Traditional classes are taught by LMC faculty and are for college credit only.

"We are pleased to be working with AAESA to provide college-level courses in Allegan County. As employers' expectation for highly skilled and educated workers grows, this partnership will make a college education more accessible to residents," stated LMC President Dr. Robert Harrison. With this agreement in place, Lake Michigan College will also be exploring opportunities with their accrediting agency to offer associates degree programs through AAESA.

To find what classes are available at each local district or through ACATEC interested students should talk to their local high school counselor or Reagan Tubbs (269-673-3121) at ACATEC.

AAESA agreement AAESA agreement

Front row: Cleon Duryea AAESA, Raquel Ramirez LMC Director of Early College, Larry Collier AAESA Board President, Robert Harrison LMC President, Sarah Dempsey LMC Vice President for Instruction

Back row: William Parsons AAESA, Mark Dobias AAESA, Christopher Spradlin LMC Dean of Arts & Sciences, Janice Varney Executive Dean LMC South Haven Campus, Linda Roerig, AAESA, Steve Tibbitts AAESA

AAESA Board President Larry Collier signs the agreement as LMC President Robert Harrison and LMC Director of Early College Raquel Ramirez look on.
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