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English as a Second Language

Office of Origin: Transitional Studies
Date Adopted: 01-27-98
Date Reviewed:
Last Date Modified & Approved: 01-27-09

Policy Statement:
All incoming students, including those who speak English as a second language (ESL), are assessed relative to reading, writing, and mathematics skills. Lake Michigan College is aware that the assessment instruments designed for students whose first language is English do not adequately assess the skills of ESL students. Therefore, ESL students will be assessed for English language proficiency using a test of English as a Second Language. ESL students are required to take the ESL assessment(s) and to take appropriate courses based on the scores.

Non-native speakers of English and graduates of high schools outside of the United States must take the ESL assessment unless they can present proof of a TOEFL score >500 for the paper test, or >173 for the computer version at the time of their initial registration.

Responsibility: Executive Dean, Arts & Sciences and Accreditation Executive Dean, Career Education Director, Transitional Studies