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Early College
Early College
How to Enroll

Follow these steps to get started with Early College.

  1. Ask Questions
    Meet with your high school guidance counselor or Career & Technical Education director to determine which college classes count toward your high school graduation requirements and which classes fit your college and career goals
    - Find out which college classes are available to you and fit into your schedule
  2. Review Test Scores
    - Obtain a copy of your ACT, SAT, or COMPASS test scores from the Guidance Office.
    - Review your test scores; be sure you meet prerequisite requirements for the desired course.
    - Schedule COMPASS testing if needed. Ask your guidance counselor whether testing is offered at your high school. Or go to for testing hours.
  3. Get Approval
    - Be sure your guidance counselor, teacher (direct credit only), and parents/guardians are supportive of you taking Early College classes and obtain authorization signatures on your registration form.
    - Discuss cost coverage and payment arrangements with your high school.
  4. Register for Classes
    - Select courses with your guidance counselor. You MUST meet prerequisites for each course.
    - Attach your test scores to your registration form. ACT and SAT scores must be on an official ACT/SAT issued report or stickers.
    - Submit a complete paper registration form with attached test scores to your guidance counselor.
  5. Buy Your Books
    Check with your guidance counselor or Career & Technical Education director to see if books will be provided on your first day of class
    - If they are not provided, purchase necessary textbooks at the LMC Bookstore, online, or email
  6. Go To Class
    Make sure you are listed on your teacher's roster; not being listed could mean you did not get registered.
    - Academic calendars are available online
    - Dual enrollment classes generally follow LMC's academic calendar
    - Direct credit classes generally follow your high school's or Tech Center's academic calendar
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