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Liberal Arts
Liberal Arts
Skills You'll Need

"The Liberal Arts courses are designed to not only challenge students in art and literature, but also in the sciences," states Lake Michigan College program coordinator and instructor Dr. K. Sundaram.

The Liberal Arts courses offered at LMC will teach you:

  • the ability to write clearly
  • to appreciate and understand scientific theories
  • to logically express thoughts and ideas
  • awareness of different cultures
  • to open your minds to new ideas and concepts
  • critical thinking skills

Liberal Arts courses will push you to think analytically. These courses will introduce new ideas and theories about art and science. Instructors will challenge you to clearly verbalize and write your findings and interpretations.

A majority of your coursework will be completed on an individual basis, but at times you may work as part of a team. Groups will teach you how to openly accept others' opinions, as well as defend your own ideas. Group work will also give you a realistic view of what to expect in the working world.

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