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Energy Production Technology
Energy Production Technology
The Nature Of the Job

A solid knowledge of science and math, strong communication skills, the ability to problem solve, and attention to detail are critical to being successful in the energy production field.

After completion of the associate degree program at LMC, those who enter the field should expect a career that will involve on-going, extensive on-the-job training. In fact, local nuclear plants can often invest up to $2 million per employee in training during an entire career.

Since energy production is an around-the-clock operation, professionals in the industry can work one of three, eight-hour shifts or one of two, 12-hour shifts on a rotating basis. Security at energy production facilities, especially nuclear plants, is very tight. Nuclear plants conduct extensive pre-employment background checks on all individuals who are being considered for employment. Safety and attention to detail are among the highest of importance at a nuclear plant so employees are subject to random drug and alcohol testing during employment.

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