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Weapons-Free Campus Policy

A. Purpose
The College wants to ensure a safe, weapon free campus. Unless a person can establish by clear and convincing evidence that the weapon was not knowingly possessed or that the person did not know or have the reason to know that the object was a weapon, violations of this weapons free policy will result in discipline and/or prosecution. Violations can result in expulsion, loss of job, a ban on attending campus facilities and events and/or criminal prosecution.

B. Definition
Weapons are defined, simply, as any instruments or implements which are capable of inflicting serious bodily injury, and shall include but not be limited to the following:

• Any gun, rifle, firearm, BB gun, pellet gun, or other device (including starter gun) which is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by any means.

• Any bomb, grenade, rocket or other destructive device which includes explosives, incendiaries or poison gas.

• Any knife with a blade longer than three inches, razor, or other cutting instrument.

• Any striking instrument, to include clubs, iron bar, brass knuckles, blackjack or bludgeon (excluding Athletic Department equipment—i.e., baseball bats).

• Any Martial Arts weapons, to include nunchakus, tonfas, staffs, and throwing stars.

• Any bow and arrow combination.

• Fireworks

Propellent sprays and electric stunning devices may be carried for personal protection and self defense purposes.

C. Policy
Weapons shall not be permitted in or on College buildings, facilities, grounds, vehicles, or other property at any time, or at any event in which the College participates in or sponsors except for College sponsored theatrical productions. Students, employees or visitors, other than peace officers, may not possess, either on their persons, in their vehicles, or in other College property under their control, weapons while on College property or while participating in College events.

D. Exceptions
Exceptions to this policy may be granted at the sole discretion of the President.