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Napier Avenue Campus
Napier Avenue Campus
Campus Features

An ATM operated by Chemical Bank Shoreline is located east of the LMC Bookstore on the first floor of the main academic building.

Athletic Facilities
All students are welcome to use the College’s athletic facilities on the Napier Avenue Campus during posted or open hours. Facilities include the gymnasium, located on the first floor in the main academic building. Hours of operation will be posted and include times when classes or athletic teams are not using the facilities. A running track and a soccer field, located west of the west parking area, is also available for students to use except during scheduled events. Shower rooms are available in the gym.

The LMC Bookstore is located on the first floor of the academic building on the Napier Avenue Campus, between B and C Wings in room S-121. The bookstore offers special campus hours at the beginning of each semester when you can purchase textbooks and related class materials. Call the bookstore at (800) 252-1562 ext. 6713 or ext. 5165 for hours.

Bulletin Boards
The College has the right to authorize the posting or distribution of on-campus signs, pictures, posters, printed materials, literature, or other displays by individuals or groups. This authorization, whether provided or withheld, is intended to enhance the educational climate and opportunities available to students, faculty, and staff to keep display areas neat and orderly.

All posted materials should:  

  • be clear and accurate.
  • not explicitly or implicitly impugn a population or group, or support an activity that would do the same.
  • in general intent, support the College's mission of meeting the educational, vocational, cultural, wellness, and recreational needs of the community.

If you are wishing to display items on bulletin boards, contact the Student Life Office, Room A-200a, or call (269) 927-8150.

The Cafe is located on the first floor of the Napier Avenue Campus academic building, between B and C Wings. The cafe serves both ready-made and made-to-order items such as soups, sandwiches, salads, snack items, and beverages.

Campus Tours
Tours are offered on an appointment basis. Approximately 45-60 minutes are required for each tour. Appointments for the Napier Avenue Campus can be arranged by calling the Executive Dean, Student Services, (269) 927-8120. 

Cashier's Office
Student may apply for LMC transcripts, and purchase Dial-A-Ride tickets in the Cashier's Office. It is located in the Richard J. Pappas Student Services Center, room A207. Students may also contact the Cashier's Office by calling (269) 927-8610.

Childcare on Campus

Computer Labs
Sixty-seven computers are available in The William Hessel Library for open student access during posted library hours.

Review the Computer Lab Procedures

Copy Machines
Students in the library can select one of three printing stations to use for photocopying and/or Internet printing. Students will need their current Student ID card to use the swipe box located on these printing stations in order to photocopy or release prints.

There are three elevators in the Napier Academic Building on the Napier Avenue Campus, one is located in C-Wing, west of the LMC Bookstore, one in B-Wing, and another in L-Wing near the Library entrance.

Students and staff have over 100 research databases accessible from all campuses providing online access to multiple subjects. The majority of the library’s newspaper, magazine, and journal subscriptions are electronic with over 24,000 titles available in full-text format. Electronic books are also available online; over 25,000 eBooks can be checked out and downloaded to read offline on personal PCs and/or portable devices. Most of these research databases are available from off campus. The Online Catalog provides a “Reserve a Title” function so users at Bertrand Crossing, M-TEC, and South Haven campuses can request library owned items to be sent to their respective campuses. There are 67 web accessible computers containing Microsoft applications and DVD viewing software. Other services include interlibrary loan, study rooms, photocopy machines, and library instruction to classes. Individuals may make appointments to consult with a librarian for research assistance.

Lockers for use by students with disabilities are located in the first floor subway near B-Wing in the main academic building on the Napier Avenue Campus. Contact Student Outreach and Support Services in room A-218, or call (269) 927-8866.

Lost & Found
Contact the Information Center in the Richard J. Pappas Student Services Center, or Facilities Management in room S104.

Natural Area
Once a farmer’s field and wood lot, the Lake Michigan College Natural Area on the Napier Avenue Campus is located in the northwest corner of the campus, just north of the softball field. The 50-acre tract serves as a wildlife sanctuary and outdoor classroom in conjunction with the College’s Environmental Center.

Payless Phones for Students
Payless phones are free phones for local calls and are intended as courtesy phones for students to call for a ride home. The phones have a three-minute limit, with an announcement made 30 seconds before the call ends.

Two payless phones are installed on the Napier Avenue Campus: one outside the One-Stop area, and one at the front entrance near the road. The payless phone at the South Haven Campus is located by the vending machines on the first floor.

There are speed dial numbers configured into the phones for campus security, Dial-A-Ride, the IT helpdesk, and the College directory. At the remote campuses in areas where Dial-A-Ride does not have service, a public transit number such as a local cab company is programmed.

Call the IT helpdesk at (269) 927-8189 to report any problems with the phones.

Reserving Facilities
Contact Roberta Wagner at (269) 927-6504.

Study Areas
LMC provides both formal and informal study areas for students at all campus locations. Tables and chairs have been placed in center stairwells. For more formal study, a group study room or individual carrels are available in the Library. Space for individual and group study is also available in the second floor of the Hawk's Nest Student Activity Center. Veterans may use Liberty Hall to study.

Dial-A-Ride furnishes bus service to and from the Napier Avenue Campus on a regularly scheduled basis during the fall and spring semesters with pick-up and drop-off in front of the main campus building near the first floor lobby area. Hours for drop-off are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m., 10 a.m., noon, 3 p.m., and 6 p.m. Hours for pick-up are 3 p.m., 6 p.m., and 9:30 p.m. On Friday, the last pick-up is at 3 p.m. Dial-A-Ride furnishes bus service to and from the Napier Avenue Campus on a per call basis during summer semester. Call (269) 927-4461 to request transportation. Students requiring special assistance will be picked up and dropped off at the rear of the main campus building near Shipping & Receiving.

Cost for transportation to and from Benton Harbor is $2.00. The cost to and from Benton Township, St. Joseph, and St. Joseph Township is $3.00. Tickets may be purchased from the Cashier’s Office, room A207.

Food, snack and beverage vending machines are available in the Hall of Pride area. Cold beverage vending machines are available in the C-Wing west, 1st floor; B-Wing, 2nd floor; and L-Wing, 3rd floor.

Wellness Center
The Wellness Center features a state-of-the-art super circuit, cardiovascular training area with broadcast television, free weights, and additional body part weight machines. A professional is available in the center at all times.

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