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The Classroom Experience

Due to Lake Michigan College's small class sizes, you will receive individual attention, have opportunities to ask questions, and talk with your instructor.

In Basic Mathematics you will have one-on-one tutoring and support. This course is self-paced, but you will be monitored closely. "Especially for the student that has not visited math for a while, take advantage of the exceptional academic support that is available," says LMC mathematics instructor and advisor Mimi Elwell.

Expectations and Skills Taught
"The entire math department wants to set up students for success," says Mimi.
"I encourage students to ask questions and participate in class. Math is a subject you have to consistently use, so I assign homework every night to help reinforce the topic presented during lecture. Students have to know that you can't learn math by just looking at the pages in the text book, you have to practice and use the introduced concepts."

She adds that arriving to class on time, actively participating in class, and spending time outside of class is critical for success.

"On the first day of class I have a placement test for that specific course. This test is designed to see where students place within the class they have enrolled. I want to see where students are mathematically so I can help them be successful," says Mimi.

Mini Courses
Math minicourses help you develop specific skills ranging from whole numbers to practical geometry. You may register for minicourses through midterm and must complete by the end of the term in which you register. If you are interested, you should ask for more information in the Math Center, room B-208 on the Napier Avenue Campus.

Technology in the Classroom
There is not a required calculator for LMC's math courses. If you decide to invest in a calculator, TI-83 tends to be the most popular.

A variety of technologies are used in within the classroom. Videos, overheads, calculators, DVDs, the Internet and materials available on Canvas - the College's instructional Intranet - play an important role in class.

Getting the Most From the Program
Many math courses have a supplemental instruction (S.I.) leader. The S.I. leader will hold tutoring sessions outside of class for those students that have additional questions or need extra help. You may attend one session or all; the help is available for you when you need it, without additional charge.

Meeting with your advisor is also suggested. Your advisor will guide you through your academic goals. From meeting graduating requirements to transferring credits, your advisor can adjust your plan for any circumstance that may change your available time to complete the program.

Assessment and Placement
If you are a new student at LMC, you will take an assessment before registering for classes in reading, writing, and mathematics. How you score will determine at what course levels you will begin your studies at LMC.


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