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Office of Origin: Arts and Sciences, Career Education
Date Adopted:
Last Date Reviewed:
Last Date Modified & Approved: 10-24-08

Policy Statement:

To maintain consistency and continuity, the content of College programs and courses is the responsibility of full-time faculty/Department Chair. Included in the teaching responsibility is the responsibility for the continuous evaluation and updating of program content and evaluations of student progress and measurement of Expected Student Outcomes. Adjunct and full-time faculty are encouraged to maintain close communication in order to facilitate the learning process for students. Each adjunct faculty member is assigned a full-time faculty counterpart or department chairperson for the purpose of communication for any educational situation that may arise during the semester.

It is expected that adjunct faculty will teach to the goals and objectives established by the fulltime faculty. It is also expected that adjunct faculty will measure Expected Student Outcomes and report on the measurement. Outcomes of like courses must be the same.

Responsibility: Executive Dean, Arts & Sciences and Accreditation Executive Dean, Career Education