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M-TEC at Lake Michigan College
M-TEC at Lake Michigan College
Campus Features

M-TECSM at Lake Michigan College features nine lab areas, each dedicated to a specific function including welding, machining, computer numerical control (CNC), computer aided design (CAD), hydraulics and pneumatics, programmable logic computers (PLC), and electronics. Attached to each lab is a separate classroom where theory in each area is taught in an atmosphere conducive to lecture and class participation.

Books are available through our website at This program allows you to order your textbooks by Internet, with delivery directly to your home. Students with special financial situations can still purchase books from the Bookstore or website. LMC Bookstores are located on the Napier Avenue and South Haven campuses.

Bulletin Boards
The College has the right to authorize the posting or distribution of on-campus signs, pictures, posters, printed materials, literature, or other displays by individuals or groups. This authorization, whether provided or withheld, is intended to enhance the educational climate and opportunities available to students, faculty, and staff to keep display areas neat and orderly.

All posted materials should:

  • be clear and accurate.
  • not explicitly or implicitly impugn a population or group, or support an activity that would do the same.
  • in general intent, support the College's mission of meeting the educational, vocational, cultural, wellness, and recreational needs of the community.

Check at the front desk prior to posting any material.

Campus Tours
Tours are offered on an appointment basis. Approximately 45-60 minutes are required for each tour. Appointments for M-TECSM can be arranged by calling (269) 926-6832.

Lost & Found
Check with the receptionist at the front desk.

Student and visitor parking is available on the west side of the building. Special parking permits or stickers are not required.

Reserving Facilities
Contact the front desk at (269) 926-6832.

Dial-A-Ride furnishes bus services to and from the M-TECSM facility on a per call basis. Contact (269) 927-4461 to request transportation.

Snack and beverage vending machines are available near the center entrance on the west side of the building.

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