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Vacation - Administrators & Professional/Technical Staff, Full-Time

Office of Origin: Human Resources
Date Adopted: 06-29-90
Last Date Modified & Approved: 04-28-92

Policy Statement:

Twenty (20) paid vacation days are credited annually on July 1 and are awarded to regular full time administrative staff employees according to the following procedures:

  1. Accrual: Vacation time accrues at the rate of 1.66 days per month commencing on the date of appointment, and is prorated from the date of appointment or termination.
  2. Eligibility: Vacation time is approved in advance by the immediate supervisor, and is recorded on the weekly departmental attendance reports (pink sheets). Personnel calendar records are kept and eligible vacation time is confirmed by the office of Human Resources. Employees will be notified of their eligibility semi-annually.
  3. Alternate Days: If a vacation day falls at a time when the College is officially closed, the employee may take an alternate day scheduled in mutual agreement with the immediate supervisor.
  4. Deferral: Vacation time is not cumulative, and will be forfeited unless taken (1) during the fiscal year earned or (2) up to maximum of twenty (20) days, during the following fiscal year.
  5. Termination: Upon termination of employment, unused, accrued vacation pay will be computed by subtracting the number of days taken from the vacation time earned as pro- rated to the date of termination. If more vacation time has been taken than earned, when so prorated, an equivalent deduction will be made from the employee's final pay check. Human Resources will inform the Business Office of the number of days and the appropriate pay rate to be expended to accrual.

Responsibility: Vice President, Administrative Services & Special Assistant to the President