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Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education
Skills You'll Need

Childcare workers must be patient, supportive and enthusiastic. The ability to anticipate and solve problems appropriately is a critical skill. It is important to have firm but fair discipline when dealing with disruptive children.

Lake Michigan College instructor Angelina Cameron says the ability to "solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables in situations where only limited standardization exists" is essential.

Young children are constantly on the move so it is important to have energy and physical stamina. You will constantly be bending, pushing, lifting, standing and walking. Cameron adds the importance of "being attentive and not flustered by numerous demands for time and attention."

Creativity plays an important role in education. Young children's short attention span demands that you be inventive and original in your teaching methods. Music, art, and storytelling can stimulate a young child's mind and in turn help teach a new idea.

In this field you will also be dealing with parents. Having clear verbal and written communication skills will help prevent misunderstandings and disagreements between parental and childcare provider's educational expectations.

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