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Early College
Early College
How it Works

Types of Classes
Direct credit courses are college classes offered at your high school or tech center during the regular school day and taught by high school teachers who have been credentialed as college instructors. Your guidance office can tell you what is available for the upcoming year.

Dual enrollment classes are offered at any LMC campus, or at your high school if taught by LMC faculty. You can select any class offered at any LMC location as a dual enrollment class. It is important for you to work with your high school guidance counselor to see how the college classes you are taking may apply toward your high school graduation requirements.


To participate in Early College classes, you must first meet the eligibility requirements of your high school. Work with your high school guidance counselor to find out if you qualify. You must also show that you are ready to handle college-level work. To do this you can either take the College’s Compass assessment or provide your ACT or SAT scores to LMC. Students with ACT scores of at least 18 in writing, 17 in reading, and 18 in math qualify to take college-level courses at LMC.*

*The scores listed above are minimums. Some prerequisites for certain courses may require higher assessment scores and/or additional courses. You must meet all prerequisite requirements to enroll in a desired course.

Early College classes can save you money. Most area high schools will pay the tuition and fees associated with the college classes you are taking. To find out your school's payment process, check with your guidance counselor or Career and Technical Education director.

If you take dual enrollment classes, full tuition and fees apply but remember, LMC charges significantly less than four-year schools - as much as half or even one-third of the cost of most universities in Michigan. The tuition rate that you pay will also be determined by where you live or attend school.

Transferring Credits
It is important to note that all Early College classes are real college courses with real grades that will become part of your college record. They are recorded on an official LMC transcript and are accepted toward LMC degree and certificate programs. If you plan to attend another college or university, check with your chosen school to see how the college credits you earn in high school may transfer. You can also review transfer equivalents at or

Transfer institutions generally require the receipt of an official transcript from LMC (as well as from each college you have previously attended.) LMC transcript requests are made by completing the Transcript Request Form and submitting it to the LMC Records Office. A fee is charged for each LMC transcript requested.

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