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Physical Education & Wellness
Physical Education & Wellness
Skills You'll Need

With any job related to physical education and health, certain skills are desired:

  • Strong overall knowledge of activity or sport
  • Ability to relate well to others
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Effective leadership skills
  • Resourcefulness and creativity
  • Ability to motivate
  • Patience

A career in this field is centered on people. You must enjoy working with individuals and teams. Lake Michigan College program coordinator Jill Claeys states, "You will be affecting people's lives in a positive way. You could very well be the one person in a child's life that makes an activity click. You could be the one to inspire and push an individual to achieve what they never thought possible."

Every person is different. They are motivated differently and have varying strengths and weaknesses. As a physical education teacher, coach, fitness trainer, or recreation worker you must be patient, encouraging, and creative to make the activities fun and beneficial for all participants.

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