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Music Lab

The Lake Michigan College Music department has state-of-the-art student laboratories. The computer lab is housed in room B-102, while the piano lab is housed in room B-103 on the Napier Avenue Campus.

The lab consists of 12 IBM-compatible networked workstations, running Windows XP. In addition to Microsoft Word and Internet browsing software, each station has music notation, ear training, sight singing, music theory and music sequencing software.

Each computer workstation includes the following hardware:

  • Gateway
  • Oxygen 8 25-key MIDI controller
  • Sennheiser headphone
  • Roland microphone

Music software includes:

  • Finale (notation)
  • Musiclab Melody (sight singing CAI)
  • Musiclab Harmony (ear training CAI)
  • Music Lessons I (music theory CAI)
  • Cakewalk - Sonar 3 (sequencing software)

The piano lab has 12 linked Korg and Yamaha keyboards. This lab is used for beginning piano classes and for students practice.

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