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Program Outcomes - Degree

Last revised January 2011

Upon completion of the Agriculture program, the student will demonstrate successful completion of the following program outcomes as evidenced by passing written examinations and courses on the objectives detailed below.

A basic understanding of technical math needed for budgeting, pesticide application, and business and technical operations in plant science.

Written and verbal communication skills needed to: prepare and deliver presentations; create narratives for budgets, strategic and maintenance plans and management goals; communicate effectively with supervisors, employees and the public.

Computer skills to develop and maintain routine technical records and plans; office applications including but not limited to MS Word, MS PowerPoint, and MS Excel; internet skills and social networking.

A general understanding of plant growth and development.

Demonstrate safe work habits and be conscious of safety when working.

Specific skills in plant establishment, maintenance and production, including harvesting and processing related to the specific concentration.

Specific management skills related the student’s selected concentration.

Pest management strategies and integrated pest management practices; and the specific knowledge to pass the Michigan Certified Pesticide Applicator commercial or private core exam and any categories related to the student’s concentration.

A general understanding of soils and soil science; and a specific understanding of water needs of various crops, irrigation timing, scheduling and the repair and maintenance of an irrigation system used in the specific concentration.

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