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Career Opportunities and Work Life

A two-year degree emphasizing Humanities will not lead you directly into a professional career. Instead, Humanities will allow you "to explore different educational possibilities," says Lake Michigan College program coordinator and instructor Dr. K. Sundaram. "We want to help students become well-rounded citizens who have a better awareness of other cultures."

"It is important for students to remember that a two-year degree in Humanities is designed to be a supplement to further education, not the main focus."

Once you have made the transition to a four-year school, your educational opportunities will be endless. The Humanities credits you earn at LMC will have you on track to earn a bachelor's degree.

Due to the high number of elective courses four-year schools are requiring, you will have a head start on fulfilling those requirements.

Many students who go on to a four-year school will choose to complete a Humanities minor, others will choose to receive a bachelor's degree and continue their higher education.

Although a two-year Humanities degree will not lead you directly into the workforce, it will equip you with the cultural knowledge that will make the transfer to any Michigan or out-of-state college.

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